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Welcome to Indian Orthodox Church - Ireland

My dear and beloved ones of the Indian Orthodox parishes in the Republic of Ireland, at the outbreak of this New Year I wish you all a bundle of blessings from the God who emptied Himself for His creation.We are now more honoured and recognised by our spiritual father and the good shepherd of the Lord H.G. Dr. Mathews Mar Thimothios,the Metropolitan of the Diocese of U.K, Europe, and Africa, by the formation of a Regional Council for the faithful of the Indian Orthodox Church in this beautiful land of fruits and flowers. Our Church whose lineage longs to St.Thomas, one of the twelve Apostles of our Lord, has got a good quantum of duties to fulfil in this world, especially in Ireland now that we have been placed here quite comfortably. Being a Christian, having been under His solacing shelter hitherto,assembling as a congregation of worshipers, the formation of a parish and the formation of a Regional Council forces upon us certain implicit and explicit spiritual, social, ethical and moral responibilities; deviating from them would not only be detrimental to us and the growing generation , but it would be quite suicidal also. Let us pray God that He may guide us in this venture by His invisible and strong hands throughout the years to come. The launching of a website for the Irish Region is a sigificant event-- an accomplishment of our desire and and an execution of our decision. It can be instrumental in prompt and swift communication and in building up better human relations. Let us acknowledge and appreciate all human attempts behind it and all whom The Almighty utilised for it. My humble and prayerful greetings to one and all on this solemn and stately occasion of the inception of this website.

Rev. Fr. Prof. George Varghese
Regional Secretary
Irish Region
Diocese of U.K, Europe and Africa
Indian Orthodox Church

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